Field Season 1 01-21-2024

For a second straight week, the ICU Team made incredible progress. Work on several Mobile Drilling Structures was completed and the buildings were delivered to the Seasonal Equipment Site and the berm. We made up ground with respect to the P6 schedule and are nearly back on schedule despite earlier setbacks. The team is pushing hard to maximize the work accomplished during our last three weeks at Pole.

ASC moved MHP 1 to the Seasonal Equipment Site.

Pre-Heat System (PHS)

ICU Team completed motor drive testing with Water Tank 2 Vertical Turbine Pump. All controls work complete except Activity ID 1032, “Connect Tank Temperature and Level Sensors” as cables are not available. This work will be completed in Field Season 2.


Completed plumbing and condensate work and worked on reel. All mechanical work completed except drilling the hole in the container to route condensate hose. Work still targeted for this season.

Winterized and moved PHS to SES.

High Pressure Pumps (HPP)

ICU Team worked on plumbing, installed pressure relief valves, conducted damper testing as well as alignment and tension testing on drive belts between pumps and motors, added oil to pumps, verified heat trace, and pressure tested the system.

Antarctic Rodwell Assembly (ARA)

ICU Team installed the Drill Control Panel and verified all heat trace.

Completed glycol system flow testing, heater testing on 4 of 6 burners, and tested hose reel motion.

Water Tanks

ICU Team installed filter and plumbing manifolds and tested motors.

Water Tanks moved to Seasonal Equipment Site.

DCC winterized and delivered back to berm.

Heat Pump Unit (HPU)

ASC moved HPU to Cryo work site.

Powered HPU and conducted electrical inspection.

HPU delivered back to berm.

Tower Operations Site (TOS)

ASC assisted by digging a trench for inspection of the underside of TOS 2 and using a crane to position the unit on blocks over the trench.

Moved Tower 1 to work site and placed next to TOS 1.

Completed TOS 1 testing of the Return Water Pump Motor.

Worked on troubleshooting the TOS 1 E-stop.

Reels and Winches

ICU Team mounted the motor and brake on the RWHR and completed TOS 1 encoder and functional testing on the RWCR and RWHR. Tested the Tower 1 Hoist from TOS 1.

ASC moved winches TU-15 and both TU-20s to Cryo work site. ICU team worked on clearing snow from winches and Hydraulic Pump Preparation.

Seasonal Equipment Site (SES)

Finalized flagging SES based on survey. All Generators moved into position. Three of four MHPs moved into position.